Wednesday, March 21, 2007

KLUNK! :: a work perpetually in progress

The germ of the idea of this comic goes back roughly 9 yrs. At the time I was working in an animation studio and craving to create something of my own. It's gone through many incarnations during the intervening years , and finally I think I've got a handle on how I want the damn thing to look & read. Here's a small taste. Enjoy!

Pen/Brush/Ink/Photoshop CS2/Painter 9.5

Friday, March 02, 2007

Nano-Cotton :: New Internationalist

Did this one for the fine folks at The New Internationalist magazine . The story rumminated on the possible future of traditional fabrics and textiles and wether they might one day be replaced with ones that incoroporate nanotechnology. Loved working on this one . Enjoy!

My prelim sketch changes somewhat when I proceed to the final. I wanted to introduce a more decorative motif to the composition. The AD also wanted to see more of her face.

Brush / Pen / Photoshop CS2