Sunday, March 22, 2009

Box Lunch #7 :: Promo

This was done as a promo for my agent ,directed primarily at the editorial market. The theme the artists in the group had to adopt was 'Hoaxes' .

A real change of pace from a lot of the work I've been doing lately , it was nice to immerse myself in all the things I like to draw again. I had fun with it, can ya tell ;)

Enjoy !

Tools :: Japanese croquil dip pen, Photoshop CS2 , Manga Studio Ex 30

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Internationalist UK :: Another Side of Paradise

For a upcoming article in the New Internationalist by Author Lindsey Collen a Mauritian novelist who looks back on her country’s recent past to see how class strife disguises itself as culture clash.

Excerpt :: "I met an old woman in the homeless people’s movement in the 1990s who said: ‘I am scared to leave Plaine Verte [where she had illegally built a tin shack on state land] because I came here from Baie du Tombeau in the race wars.’ This is what affected her most: ‘They broke my fishbowl. I ran with my two little boys and a babe in arms, looking back at the goldfish gasping on the red cement floor.’ People who have to flee are left with vivid memories for decades. "

The version being used in the magazine won't have the brown weathered frame.