Friday, May 14, 2010

Bad Beat City for TORO Magazine wraps up !

Finally concluded my serialized graphic novel 'Bad Beat City' . Time to start shopping this baby around and hopefully procure a publisher. I'll keep ya posted.
Just finished putting the final touches on a 3 page strip for Vanity Fair UK , will post that soon.
As always, thanks for stopping by.

Jean Machine :: In Store Billboards

Here's a couple of the 8 pieces that were done for all Jean Machine store locations in Ontario. A fun gig. Naturally I had to pump up the color palette to give them more Oomph . Still have to get to a store and have a look at the final product. The largest was roughly 4.5 ft X 10 ft .

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ESPN Magazine :: Fantasy Football

Defensive Tackle - Jared Allen of the Vikings.
Don't get to do a lot of Sports illos , so this was special. Thanks for stopping by.