Sunday, March 02, 2008

Vanity Fair UK :: New Internationalist UK

Sticker shock from the mini-bat bill when you check out. For a special travel issue of Vanity Fair UK.

Another UK gig for the New Internationalist. Article addressed the notion of eco-travel and the challenges of trying to fly less. The AD wanted this to have a real 'comic book' feel.


lotusgreen said...

those are great, dominic! i think you may have permanently changed the way i'll see airplanes!

very amusing, both of them

Rich Dannys said...

These turned out great.. Especially the Dragon's Head one, on the plane!

BunkleLife said...

great stuff dom - love the subtle textures and patterns in the first piece (and long live dragon-air! ;-)

Dominic Bugatto said...

lotusgreen - thanks

rich - thanks for stopping buddy

bunklife - thanks,the patterns were almost an afterthought , it just needed that little something extra.