Monday, April 07, 2008

NBWA :: poster

The following poster was done for a wine tasting festival. A real pleasurable piece to work and a bit of a stylistic departure in that I was trying to really keep it to simple shapes . My intent was to echo the look of of vintage travel posters with a rock poster edge. Enjoy!


lotusgreen said...

oh that's cool!! i would add a third influence: italian 'spirits' posters

check it out.

R.Dress said...

It's been a while since I had some Lead. Very impressed bro. Love the mood of the wine poster and of coarse it's always cool to see how you handle composition in relationship to the subject matter.
by the way thanks for swinging by my blog from time to time. Much appreciated.

Rich Dannys said...

Quite a different "look" for you, Dom? I quite like it.. The composition, is nicely staged.. And I like the color-to-color feel, without any holding lines..

Hope they gave you a fat Cask of the Good Stuff to sample, to help "inspire" you? haha

Bugatto said...

Hi Domonic, This may sound like a weird request, I have just happened to google my surname for something to do and I came across a few different Bugatto's. My name is Anita May Bugatto and my sisters name is Amanda Bugatto and my dad's name is Luciano Franko Bugatto he was born in Trieste. His sister's name is Giovanna and was also born in Trieste. There fathers name is Giovanni Bugatto I know that I have cousins over in Italy and I was wondering if you may be related somehow. There are not many Bugatto's here in Australia.
Please write back and let me know if there may be some sort of connection.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Ciao Ciao
Anita Bugatto

Dominic Bugatto said...

loltusgreen- thanks , you're correct about the 'spirit' posters, a definite sub-concious influence :)

r.dress - thanks man , likewise

rich - glad ya like it , if only I was given that type of 'research' material , hah

Anita - we could very well be related , my Father was born in Trieste , or more accurately Monfalcone.
You can e-mail me at if you wish to correspond again.