Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Phoenix New Times :: cover illo

Had a blast doing this one.

The story's about a poor bloke ( Kevin Keogh ) , a senior financial officer of the city of Phoenix one day just loosin' it and putting his Mercedes into cruise control and climbing onto its roof and jumping to his death. A tragic and bizarre event that has never been fully understood.

"Daily newspaper accounts of the incident quoted city officials as saying Keogh's widow, Karlene, maintained that a parasite contracted during a 2002 trip to Mexico had affected Keogh's brain and other parts of his body." PNT 08/29/05

His actual death was the result of his body colliding with an orange tree. The AD wanted to have the image focus on the moment before.

I tried to keep it dramtic with a sense of movement. The car was a challenge to do , 'cos vehicles just aint my forte. Pretty happy with it though.


Alana McCarthy said...

That's one freaky story. Did you know kids can get those brain worms from playing in dirt and accidentally ingesting raccoon poop? Found that out when we had a great big pile of it outside our window in chinatown. Yum!

Anyway, found your blog. Great stuff! Gotta start mine.. have to come up with a catchy name first.

Nice seeing you at the Box party last night, talk to you soon!

- Alana

Dominic Bugatto said...

Hey there, glad ya found it .

Good seeing you and Tyrone the other night too.

Cheers, Dom

Antimatty said...

cool! i wish things like this happened more often.

lotusgreen said...

amazingly three-dimensional!

Dominic Bugatto said...

antimatty-thanks, though be careful what you wish for ;)

lotusgreen- thanks!

Robert Ullman said...

I think the car looks great...and I sympathize, as I can't draw a realistic car to save my life!